The new Princess Dewclaw video for "Wild Sugar" is out now! New E.P. available HERE on Feb 7, 2020!!!


"Wild Sugar" EP from Princess Dewclaw OUT February 2020!!!

In addition to a new video coming out this Feb, Princess Dewclaw hits you with this hyper industrial disco on fire EP...Pre-Orders from the band direct HERE.


"Wishing Never Ends" LP from VAHCO

Available on 12" vinyl , cd and digital now from Glasss Records HERE

2020 releases












June 27 -28 , 2020 in Denver, CO


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9/20/16 Princess Dewclaw, Grave Moss, Fringe Class @Club Scum Denver, CO *(made this flyer based on their names didn’t know them yet)

10/16/16 Princess Dewclaw, True Violet, Vahco Before Horses @Streets of London Denver, CO

10/26/16 Vahco Before Horses, Bios+a+ic @Globe Hall Denver, CO

10/28/16 Love Bites(EVP) , Hijacking Fiction, Church Van @Streets of London Denver, CO

12/8/16 Dr,Montgomery Maxwell, Kid Mask, Sheet MEtal Skin Graft @HAndy Diner Denver, CO

12/12/16 Vahco and Vahco Jr. @Mutiny Information Cafe Denver, CO

12/15/16 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Morlox, Tetrakroma, eHpH, Sheet Metal Skin Graft @THOW Denver, CO

12/18/16 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Herpes Hideaway, D-Program, Man-Ape @Pearl’s Denver, CO

2/8/17 Princess Dewclaw @7C Denver, CO

2/9/17 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Princess Dewclaw, Hands to Midnight, Church Fire, ElTigr3 @Marquis Theatre Denver, CO

2/12/17 Princess Dewclaw , Landlady @Hi-Dive Denver, CO

2/19/17 Grave Moss, Church Fire @Handy Diner Denver, CO

2/20/17 Princess Dewclaw, The Sehkunts @Pearl’s Denver, CO

3/25/17 Princess Dewclaw, Larissa and The Strange @Marquis Theatre Denver, CO

4/10/17 Grave Moss, Period Bomb @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver , CO *****(the first official Glasss Presents from AV)

6/9/17 Princess Dewclaw @7C Denver, CO

6/15/17 Gold Trash Tour Kick Off @1010 Denver, CO w/ Church Fire, Curta, EVP, Morlox (police came Mirror Fears and Gold Trash didn’t play)

6/24/17 Princess Dewclaw, Demoncassettecult @DIT Las Vegas, NV

6/25/17 Princess Dewclaw, Church Fire, Mirror Fears, Between Youth @MUKA San Francisco, CA

6/27/17 Princess Dewclaw, Anime Creek, DCC @Substation Seattle , WA

6/28/17 Princess Dewclaw, Demoncassettecult, Brain Bagz @Dibolical Records SLC, Utah 

6/29/17 Princess Dewclaw, DCC @House of Dis SLC, Utah

6/30/17 Princess Dewclaw, Male Blonding :/@Globe Hall Denver, CO

7/6/17 Grave Moss , Chemically Crippled, Fever Dreams, Richardson Richardson @1010 Warehouse Denver, CO

7/9/17 Gold Trash, Silence in The Snow, Tripping Dogs @The Underground Sante Fe

7/11/17 Gold Trash @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

7/14/17 Gold Trash, Joseph Waya @Kelly’s Olympian Portland, OR

7/15/17 Gold Trash, Ugly Head, Chrome Corpse @Substation Seattle, WA

7/19/17 Mirror Fears , Gold Trash, DJ Juniordeer @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

7/22/17 Princess Dewclaw @Backspace Denver, CO

7/28/17 The ANTIUMS Festival 2017 (61 bands) 1010 , Thee Haus Ov Where, Back 99 Denver, CO

7/29/17 EVP, Hide @Backspace Denver, CO

7/31/17 Rare Byrd$, Abeasity Jones, Chromadrift , MC Big House, Fukeokau, Adam Selene @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

8/11/17 Grave Moss,Never Kennezzard, Mon Pussy, DCC @THOW Denver, CO

8/12/17 Demoncassettecult @KGNU FM Denver, CO

8/12/17 Princess Dewclaw, Lithics, Priests @Larimer Lounge

8/18/17 Super Macho, Pearls and Perils, Juniordeer @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

8/25/17 Princess Dewclaw, DCC, Rbot peanut Butter, Bourgois Girl, Dramad @The Pre-K Denver , CO (last Pre-K show)

8/26/17 EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

8/26/17 Gold Trash(band) , EVP, Juniordeer, Super Macho @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

8/30/17 LesOne, Adam Selene, Bianca Mikahan , Abeasity Jones @Hooked on Colfax Denver , CO 

9/5/17 EVP, Church Fire, Perturbator @Moon Room Denver, CO

9/9/17 EVP, Cocordion, CooCooBadBrains, Hairclub @Globe Hall Denver, CO

9/15/17 Rare Byrd$, Abeasity Jones @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

9/20/17 The Roundabout Show with Pearls and Perils, Eraserhead Fuckers, Adam Selene, Shocker Mom, Juniordeer, Chromadrift,Equine,Super Macho @THOW Denver, CO

9/22/17 Grave Moss, Demoncassetecult, Shermans March, Giardia @Flux Capacitor CO Springs, CO

9/23/17 Strange Powers , Demoncassettecult @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

9/23/17 Grave Moss , Giardia, Shermans March, Demoncassettecult, Brain Bagz @Grove House Dnver, CO

9/25/17 Acidbat , Demoncassettecult, Juniordeer @Mutiny information Cafe Denver, CO

9/28/17 EVP, Kim Boekbinder, Mirror Fears @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

9/29/17 Bianca Mikahn, Gold Trash, Abeasity Jones, MC Big House, Nighttimschoolbus, Grasshopper @THOW Denver, CO

10/1/17 EVP, The Slants, Surf Mom @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

10/3/17 Gold Trash ,Empress, Pearls and Perils @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

10/7/17 Gold Trash , Pearls and Perils, Sheers, Dolphin Midwives @The Fixin To Portland , OR

10/8/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Crystal Basement @Old Nicks Pub Eugene, OR

10/9/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Gentle Bender @Church Bar Portland , OR

10/11/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Cafe Racer Seattle, WA

10/13/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Obscurus Everett, WA

10/17/17 Chromadrift ,Victoria Lundy @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

10/18/17 Gold Trash, Nightmirror @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

10/20/17 EVP, Sashcloth and Axes , Juniordeer @THOW Denver, CO

10/25/17 Glasss Records All Star Fundraiser @Alamo Drafthouse Denver, CO

10/26/17 Princess Dewclaw, Cool Schmool, Surf Mom, Robot Peanut Butter and The Shooting Stars @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

10/28/17 Grave Moss, Church Fire, Vulgarian, DCC, Juniordeer @The Warrens Westminster, CO

11/16/17 Princess Dewclaw, Melkbelly, Super Bummer @Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

11/18/17 Mondo Oscura, Equine @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

12/1/17 Church Fire, DCC, Eraserhead Fuckers, Pearls and Perils @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

12/8/17 Death in Space , Shawn Mlekush, Herpes Hideaway @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

12/28/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils, EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

12/31/17 Grave Moss @Lions Lair Denver, Co

1/4/18 Princess Dewclaw, Hot Trash, Creature Keeper @Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

1/7/18 Rare Byrd$, Bianca Mikahn, Abeasity Jones, MC Big House, A’Dula @Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

1/10/18 GOLD TRASH, SURF MOM, COWGIRL CLUE, Meeting House @ Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

1/13/18 Grave Moss, Shit Dogma @DIY Denver, CO

1/25/18 Gold Trash @SilenceKills New York City, NY

1/26/18 Demoncassetecult, Time is Fire, Mundy @Dupont Underground Washington DC

1/14/18 Princess Dewclaw, Ludlow @7C Denver, CO

1/26/18 EVP, eHpH @Zodiac Bar CO Springs , CO

2/2/18 Grave Moss, Surf Mom, Moon Pussy @Mutiny Information Cafe Denver, CO

2/07/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, EVP, Pearls and Perils @Larimer lounge Denver CO

2/10/18 Princess Dewclaw, Mirror Fears, Surf Mom, Suicides in Japan, Kotorobo

2/16/18 Demoncassettecult, Abeasity Jones, Dashwoo, Babah Fly, Chromadrift, Mythirst @Deerpile Denver, CO

2/26/18 Eraserhead Fuckers,Morlox,Ultraviolet,Juniordeer,BRKNJWBNE @ Mutiny Info Cafe Denver, CO

3/2/18 EVP , Rare Byrd$, Bianca MIkahn @Denver Bicycle Cafe Denver, CO

3/3/18 Pearls and Perils , Nightimeschoolbus, Kotorobo @Mutiny Information Cafe Denver, CO

3/8/18 KoKoLa Bday @Mercury Cafe Denver, CO

3/20 Prism Bitch, Rare Byrd$, Princess Dewclaw @ Mutiny information Cafe

3/21/18 Gold Trash, Machine Girl, $addy,Techno Allah

3/30/18 GOLD TRASH . Church Fire, Juniordeer, Eraserhead Fuckers, Ultraviolet, Dream Hearse

4/4/18 Demoncassettecult, Pearls and Perils, Rare Byrd%, Venus Cruz @ Lost Lake Louge Denver, Co

4/5/18 VAHCO and  Brother Saturn @Hooked on Colfax (1st show of season 2)

4/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, Abeasity Jones, Surf Mom @Hi Dive Denver, CO

4/12/18 Eraserhead Fuckers, pretty in Pink, Road dawg, VC Hearts and Shamwow

4/19/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, Mirror Fears, EVP @Syntax Psychic Opera

4/19/18 Pythian Whispers, Atari, El Tigr3

@Hooked on Colfax

4/22/18 EVP and Hands of Midnight

4/26/18 Princess Dewclaw, Church Fire , and Surf Mom @Hooked on Colfax

4/26/18 Sun Possom trail, Equine @Lions Lair

5/3/18 Lepidoptera , Myththirst,Bowshock

5/4/18 Gold Trash, Curse, The Vang Basics, Midnight Legs Marathn Runner @Rose House Nampa, Idaho

5/5/18 Gold Trash @TBA Portland , OR

5/6/18 Gold Trash @Phonobar San Francisco, CA

5/7/18 Gold Trash, Violent Vickie, and Mod Pods @Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles, CA

5/8/18 Gold Trash, Violent Vickie, BXNSHY, and Function Space @Rogue Bar Scottsdale, AZ

5/9/18 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils, RAREBYRD$ @TBA Albuquerque , NM

5/10/18 Gold Trash and guests @Flux Capacitor 2 -Co Springs, Co

5/10/18 Venus Cruz and What Young Men Do, Abeasity Jones

5/11/18 Gold Trash and guests @TBA


5/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, the Corner Girls, Maybe-So's, The Red Aunts @MCA denver

5/17/18 RAREBYRD$ , Pearls and Perils and Shocker Mom @Hooked on Colfax

5/24/18 Left Handed Electronics, Grrl, Bianca Mikahn@Hooked on Colfax

5/25/18 Grave Moss @Seventh Circle

5/31/18 EVP, Mirror Fears, Claudzilla @Hooked on Colfax

5/31/18*SHOW 100* with Gold Trash, EVP, Pearls and Perils, Rachael Pollard, R A R E B Y R D $

6/9/18 Vahcos BDay at The Warrens with Rare Byrd$,Chromadrift,Moon Pussy,Grave Moss, Rate Bites,Abeasity Jones, 

6/15/18 Rare Byrd$, @Titwrench Stockholm Sweden

6/17/18 Veronicas Bday @dewmanor with EVP, $addy, Gold Trash, Shocker Mom

6/22/18 Pearls and Perils, victoria Lundy, Wishing Girls@Lions Lair Denver, Co

6/23/18 R A R E B Y R D $ and EVP at Westword Music Showcase, Denver, Co

6/27/18 Gold Trash,Techno Allah, Wolfa Haolin, $addy, Call Your Mom @Seventh Circle Co Denver, Co

6/29/18 Grave Moss, Moon Pussy, Dream Hearse, Clutch Plague, Equine @lions Lair Denver, Co

6/30/18 evp, church fire, magic sword@Marquis Theatre Denver, Co

6/30/18 Rubedo and R A R E B Y R D $ at Bluebird Theatre Denver, Co

7/3/18 Eraserhead Fukkas @THOW Denver, Co

7/6/18 Lady of Sorrow,Vahco,Nighttimeschoolbus, Pearls and Perils, Shocker Mom @Angelhouse Denver, CO

7/12/18 Fringe Classs @Hooked on Colfax Denver, Co

7/14/18 Church Fire , Princess Dewclaw, Fringe Class @The Warrens Denver, Co

7/16/18 Princess Dewclaw, Fringe Class @Cheer Up Charlies Austin, TX

7/17/18 Princess Dewclaw, Fringe Class @The Boiled Ol Ft Worth, TX 

7/19/18 Princess Dewclaw, Fringe Classs @Awful House Kansas City, KS

7/28/18 Princess Dewclaw @UMS FEST Denver, CO

7/29/18 Gold Trash , EVP @UMS FEST Denver, Co

7/31/18 Mod Pods , R A R E B Y R D $ @Mutiny Info Cafe Denver, Co

7/31/18 Bianca Mikahan , Machete Mouth, Mod Pods @Lions Lair Denver, CO

8/2/18 Freak/When/Scene , Lost Dog Ensemble @Syntax Psychic Opera

8/11/18 WASHOUT FEST (25 bands) @GLOBE HALL, Denver, Co

8/24/18 EVP , Meek @ask

8/31/18 EVP, Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Alamo Drafthouse

9/8/18 Princess Dewclaw , Morlox, Decide Today, Mirror Fears @THOW

9/27/18 GOLD TRASH @2x4 fest @Syntax Psychic Opera Denver, CO

9/16/18 2 OUTS FEST @LOST LAKE LOUNGE Denver, Co

9/24/18 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Juice Up, $addy @Mutiny Cafe

9/27/18 Gold Trash Smashy Claw Gort Vs Goom Sugur Skulls and MArigolds @2x4fest Syntax Psychic Opera

9/29/18 Grave Moss / Magpies at Skylark Lounge

10/3/18 EVP Church Fire endless Nameless at 7C

10/17/18 Moon Pussy, Gold Trash, Sarah Ruth Alexander, Polecat @Thought Forms Gallery

10/25/18 DCC performing with Equine/Biostatic, Pearls & Perils, Juniordeer, SADnois @Thought Forms Gallery

10/26/18 Ghoulfriend Gort Vs Goom Princess Dewclaw @Haunted Mill in Golden, CO

10/27/18 princess Dewclaw Rat Bites etc, @Warrens Halloween

11/08/18 Morlox, Juniordeer, demoncassettecult, Flesh buzzard ,housekeys @syntax

11/30/18 Princess Dewclaw, Rat Bites @Lions Lair

12/04/18 Gold Trash, Mijo Perez, and Chromadrift @Lions Lair

12/11/18 Demoncassettecult, Machu Linea, Mirror Fears @Lions Lair

12/13/18 Princess Dewclaw , Soulless Maneater, CPA @Thought/Forms

12/31/18 Princess Dewclaw, Black Market Translation @Zios

01/12/19 Chromadrift Album release @Mutiny Info Cafe

03/01/19 Gold Trash, EVP, Dull Haus, Techno Allah, Venus305 @Thought/Forms

04/04/19 Demoncassettecult @Hooked on Colfax

04/11/19 Life After Earth , Brother Saturn @Hooked on Colfax

04/17/19 Roundabout #2 @THOW?

04/18/19 Lady of Sorrows, Dead Orchids @Hooked on Colfax

04/24/19 Roundabout #3 @THOW

04/25/19 Bowshock, El Tigr3 @Hooked on Colfax

04/26/19 Princess Dewclaw Slumber Party with Soulless Maneater & Shocker Mom @Thought//Forms

04/27/19 Princess Dewclaw, Caustic Soda, Cereza @House Show

05/02/19 Denizens of The Deep, Felix Fast4ward @Hooked on Colfax

05/04/19 Princess Dewclaw, Soft Stereo, Cuckoo @Waffle House

05/09/19 MYTHirst, Elle Green, Kah Li @Hooked on Colfax

05/12/19 Cowgirl Clue, EVP, Venus305 @Lost Lake

05/16/19 Catdog, Sobremarcha @Hooked on Colfax

05/23/19 Equine, Julien Miller, Shawn Mlekush @ Hooked on Colfax

05/25/19 Glassss Presents A Night of Madnesss @Thought Forms

05/29/19 Princess Dewclaw , The Jollys, Sliver @3 KINGS

05/30/19 Michael Zucker,Pythian Whispers, Bios+a+ic @Hooked on Colfax

05/31/19 EVP and special guests @Thought Forms

06/06/19  Honduh Daze, Moon Pussy, Demoncassettecult/Juniordeer @Lions Lair

06/15/19 Princess Dewclaw, Tacocat, The Paranoyds @Larimer Lounge

07/25/19 Abeasity Jones, HouseNComplex, Elle Green, Mythirst @Lions Lair

07/28/19 Princess Dewclaw @Denver Drumz UMS

7/28/19 Glasss Records Party @UMS

08/02/19 Demoncassettecult and Equine @Sunspace Los Angeles,CA

08/03/19 Princess Dewclaw, Slugger, Sweetness Itself , Soulless Maneater , Kitaro Tribute Band@GreenHouse

08/10/19 DAY 1 GLASSSFEST @Rhinoceropolis

08/11/19 DAY 2 GLASSSFEST @Rhinoceropolis

09/10/19 Sleeping Pills, Gold Trash , Bounds @Lions Lair

09/13/19 Soulless Maneater, Sadbug and TBA @Mutiny Info Cafe

09/20/19 Vahco Box Set Release Party @Mutiny Info Cafe

09/23/19 God is an Astronaut, Spiral Cell, Brother Saturn w/Vahco & Bios+a+ic @Bluebird Theater

10/05/19 Princess Dewclaw @Mercury Lounge Suspect Press Party

10/09/19 R A R E B Y R D $ ,Gold Trash, Shocker Mom, Savage Bass Goat @Lost Lake

10/31/19 Demoncassettecult w/Savage Bass Goat, Gone Full Heathen, Church Fire, Princess Dewclaw, SadBug @Wafflehouse Boulder

11/01/19 Princess Dewclaw, $addy,Loos Toof, Kid Mask @7th Circle

11/17/19 Brother Saturn w/Vahco, MYTHirst,Teeth of The Hydra @Glitter City

11/29/19 Chromadrift w/Vahco @Larimer Lounge

12/07/19 Princess Dewclaw with Cheap Perfume/Tejon Street Thieves

12/13/19 Princess Dewclaw,Demoncassettecult and Savage Bass Goat duo,$addy,Joohsuhp,Castles to Build @7th Circle

01/06/20 Lovelesslust,Equine,Gila Teen @Lion's Lair

01/16/20 Furbie Cakes,Felix Fast4ward,MYTHirst, and Chromadrift @Lion's Lair

01/17/20 Princess Dewclaw at The Caustic Soda EP release @7th Circle

01/24/20 R A R E B Y R D $,Calico Club,Ginger Perry @Lion's Lair

01/29/20 Kaumaha,Blank Human@Mutiny Information Cafe

02/08/20 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Morlox,HXCMIDI,Human Consumption,Savage Bass Goat

02/12/20 The Paranoyds,Spendtime Palace,Princess Dewclaw @Larimer Lounge

02/14/20 Bianca Mikahn, Pearls & Perils, R A R E B Y R D $, Shocker Mom@Muntiny Info Cafe

02/16/20 EVP,Demoncassettecult & Savage Bass Goat , TBA @TBA

02/23/20 Princess Dewclaw w/Elliot Lipp @Black Sheep CO Springs

03/13/20 Princess Dewclaw w/Loos Toof & others @Nude City Relief Center

03/24/20 Fatty Cakes & The Puff Pastries, PrincessDewclaw, Eighteen Hundred @7th Circle

03/27/20 Princess Dewclaw,R A R E B Y R D $,Calico Club , DCC-SBG @Blast N Scrap FOCO

6/27/20 Glasss Presents The Underground Aboveground Fest Day 1

06/28/20 Glasss Presents The Underground Aboveground Fest Day 2