#GLS0048 R A R E B Y R D $ "Mixto$, Mu$e$, and Me$tiza$"

#GLS0073 PEARLS & PERILS "Pearls and Perils"

#GLS0074 PEARLS & PERILS "Wind Mansion"

#GLS0144 ABEASITY JONES "Abeasity Jones E.P."

#GLS0420 NIGHTTIMESCHOOLBUS "Nighttimeschoolbus" (e.p.)

#GLS0049 CHROMADRIFT "Oh , Horizon!!!"

#GLS0068 GOLD TRASH "Hey!!!" (single)


#GLS0428 GOLD TRASH "Vinegar Tom"(e.p.)

#GLS0045 GOLD TRASH "Weird Cities"

#GLS0046 E V P "Love Bites"(e.p.)

#GLS0102 EQUINE "Butterfly Variations"

#GLS0423 DEMONCSSETTECULT "Midnight Sunrise"


#GLS0422 ERASERHEAD FUCKERS "You Miss 100% of The Shots You Didn't Take"

#GLS0425 FUKEOKAU "Rainy Day Sugars"

#GLS0062 DEATH IN SPACE "Wishes"

#GLS0044 PRINCESS DEWCLAW "Walk of Shame"

#GLS0077 JUNIORDEER "Holes In The Wall" (single)

#GLS0143 VAHCO BEFORE HORSES "Missing The Moon"(2xLP version)

#GLS0101 MORLOX "Join The Morlox"

#GLS0424 DR.MONTGOMERY MAXWELL "Voicechain"(remaster)

#GLS0808 VAHCO BEFORE HORSES "Peace Love and Beats"(cd version)

#GLS0809 VAHCO BEFORE HORSES "Going Back to 46th Avenue"




9/20/16 Princess Dewclaw, Grave Moss, Fringe Class @Club Scum Denver, CO *(made this flyer based on their names didn’t know them yet)

10/16/16 Princess Dewclaw, True Violet, Vahco Before Horses @Streets of London Denver, CO

10/26/16 Vahco Before Horses, Bios+a+ic @Globe Hall Denver, CO

10/28/16 Love Bites(EVP) , Hijacking Fiction, Church Van @Streets of London Denver, CO

12/8/16 Dr,Montgomery Maxwell, Kid Mask, Sheet MEtal Skin Graft @HAndy Diner Denver, CO

12/12/16 Vahco and Vahco Jr. @Mutiny Information Cafe Denver, CO

12/15/16 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Morlox, Tetrakroma, eHpH, Sheet Metal Skin Graft @THOW Denver, CO

12/18/16 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Herpes Hideaway, D-Program, Man-Ape @Pearl’s Denver, CO

2/8/17 Princess Dewclaw @7C Denver, CO

2/9/17 Dr.Montgomery Maxwell, Princess Dewclaw, Hands to Midnight, Church Fire, ElTigr3 @Marquis Theatre Denver, CO

2/12/17 Princess Dewclaw , Landlady @Hi-Dive Denver, CO

2/19/17 Grave Moss, Church Fire @Handy Diner Denver, CO

2/20/17 Princess Dewclaw, The Sehkunts @Pearl’s Denver, CO

3/25/17 Princess Dewclaw, Larissa and The Strange @Marquis Theatre Denver, CO

4/10/17 Grave Moss, Period Bomb @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver , CO *****(the first official Glasss Presents from AV)

6/9/17 Princess Dewclaw @7C Denver, CO

6/15/17 Gold Trash Tour Kick Off @1010 Denver, CO w/ Church Fire, Curta, EVP, Morlox (police came Mirror Fears and Gold Trash didn’t play)

6/24/17 Princess Dewclaw, Demoncassettecult @DIT Las Vegas, NV

6/25/17 Princess Dewclaw, Church Fire, Mirror Fears, Between Youth @MUKA San Francisco, CA

6/27/17 Princess Dewclaw, Anime Creek, DCC @Substation Seattle , WA

6/28/17 Princess Dewclaw, Demoncassettecult, Brain Bagz @Dibolical Records SLC, Utah 

6/29/17 Princess Dewclaw, DCC @House of Dis SLC, Utah

6/30/17 Princess Dewclaw, Male Blonding :/@Globe Hall Denver, CO

7/6/17 Grave Moss , Chemically Crippled, Fever Dreams, Richardson Richardson @1010 Warehouse Denver, CO

7/9/17 Gold Trash, Silence in The Snow, Tripping Dogs @The Underground Sante Fe

7/11/17 Gold Trash @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

7/14/17 Gold Trash, Joseph Waya @Kelly’s Olympian Portland, OR

7/15/17 Gold Trash, Ugly Head, Chrome Corpse @Substation Seattle, WA

7/19/17 Mirror Fears , Gold Trash, DJ Juniordeer @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

7/22/17 Princess Dewclaw @Backspace Denver, CO

7/28/17 The ANTIUMS Festival 2017 (61 bands) 1010 , Thee Haus Ov Where, Back 99 Denver, CO

7/29/17 EVP, Hide @Backspace Denver, CO

7/31/17 Rare Byrd$, Abeasity Jones, Chromadrift , MC Big House, Fukeokau, Adam Selene @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

8/11/17 Grave Moss,Never Kennezzard, Mon Pussy, DCC @THOW Denver, CO

8/12/17 Demoncassettecult @KGNU FM Denver, CO

8/12/17 Princess Dewclaw, Lithics, Priests @Larimer Lounge

8/18/17 Super Macho, Pearls and Perils, Juniordeer @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

8/25/17 Princess Dewclaw, DCC, Rbot peanut Butter, Bourgois Girl, Dramad @The Pre-K Denver , CO (last Pre-K show)

8/26/17 EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

8/26/17 Gold Trash(band) , EVP, Juniordeer, Super Macho @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

8/30/17 LesOne, Adam Selene, Bianca Mikahan , Abeasity Jones @Hooked on Colfax Denver , CO 

9/5/17 EVP, Church Fire, Perturbator @Moon Room Denver, CO

9/9/17 EVP, Cocordion, CooCooBadBrains, Hairclub @Globe Hall Denver, CO

9/15/17 Rare Byrd$, Abeasity Jones @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

9/20/17 The Roundabout Show with Pearls and Perils, Eraserhead Fuckers, Adam Selene, Shocker Mom, Juniordeer, Chromadrift,Equine,Super Macho @THOW Denver, CO

9/22/17 Grave Moss, Demoncassetecult, Shermans March, Giardia @Flux Capacitor CO Springs, CO

9/23/17 Strange Powers , Demoncassettecult @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

9/23/17 Grave Moss , Giardia, Shermans March, Demoncassettecult, Brain Bagz @Grove House Dnver, CO

9/25/17 Acidbat , Demoncassettecult, Juniordeer @Mutiny information Cafe Denver, CO

9/28/17 EVP, Kim Boekbinder, Mirror Fears @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

9/29/17 Bianca Mikahn, Gold Trash, Abeasity Jones, MC Big House, Nighttimschoolbus, Grasshopper @THOW Denver, CO

10/1/17 EVP, The Slants, Surf Mom @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

10/3/17 Gold Trash ,Empress, Pearls and Perils @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

10/7/17 Gold Trash , Pearls and Perils, Sheers, Dolphin Midwives @The Fixin To Portland , OR

10/8/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Crystal Basement @Old Nicks Pub Eugene, OR

10/9/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Gentle Bender @Church Bar Portland , OR

10/11/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Cafe Racer Seattle, WA

10/13/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Obscurus Everett, WA

10/17/17 Chromadrift ,Victoria Lundy @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

10/18/17 Gold Trash, Nightmirror @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

10/20/17 EVP, Sashcloth and Axes , Juniordeer @THOW Denver, CO

10/25/17 Glasss Records All Star Fundraiser @Alamo Drafthouse Denver, CO

10/26/17 Princess Dewclaw, Cool Schmool, Surf Mom, Robot Peanut Butter and The Shooting Stars @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

10/28/17 Grave Moss, Church Fire, Vulgarian, DCC, Juniordeer @The Warrens Westminster, CO

11/16/17 Princess Dewclaw, Melkbelly, Super Bummer @Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

11/18/17 Mondo Oscura, Equine @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

12/1/17 Church Fire, DCC, Eraserhead Fuckers, Pearls and Perils @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

12/8/17 Death in Space , Shawn Mlekush, Herpes Hideaway @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

12/28/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils, EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

12/31/17 Grave Moss @Lions Lair Denver, Co

1/4/18 Princess Dewclaw, Hot Trash, Creature Keeper @Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

1/7/18 Rare Byrd$, Bianca Mikahn, Abeasity Jones, MC Big House, A’Dula @Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

1/10/18 GOLD TRASH, SURF MOM, COWGIRL CLUE, Meeting House @ Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

1/13/18 Grave Moss, Shit Dogma @DIY Denver, CO

1/25/18 Gold Trash @SilenceKills New York City, NY

1/26/18 Demoncassetecult, Time is Fire, Mundy @Dupont Underground Washington DC

1/14/18 Princess Dewclaw, Ludlow @7C Denver, CO

1/26/18 EVP, eHpH @Zodiac Bar CO Springs , CO

2/2/18 Grave Moss, Surf Mom, Moon Pussy @Mutiny Information Cafe Denver, CO

2/07/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, EVP, Pearls and Perils @Larimer lounge Denver CO

2/10/18 Princess Dewclaw, Mirror Fears, Surf Mom, Suicides in Japan, Kotorobo

2/16/18 Demoncassettecult, Abeasity Jones, Dashwoo, Babah Fly, Chromadrift, Mythirst @Deerpile Denver, CO

2/26/18 Eraserhead Fuckers,Morlox,Ultraviolet,Juniordeer,BRKNJWBNE @ Mutiny Info Cafe Denver, CO

3/2/18 EVP , Rare Byrd$, Bianca MIkahn @Denver Bicycle Cafe Denver, CO

3/3/18 Pearls and Perils , Nightimeschoolbus, Kotorobo @Mutiny Information Cafe Denver, CO

3/8/18 KoKoLa Bday @Mercury Cafe Denver, CO

3/20 Prism Bitch, Rare Byrd$, Princess Dewclaw @ Mutiny information Cafe

3/21/18 Gold Trash, Machine Girl, $addy,Techno Allah

3/30/18 GOLD TRASH . Church Fire, Juniordeer, Eraserhead Fuckers, Ultraviolet, Dream Hearse

4/4/18 Demoncassettecult, Pearls and Perils, Rare Byrd%, Venus Cruz @ Lost Lake Louge Denver, Co

4/5/18 VAHCO and  Brother Saturn @Hooked on Colfax (1st show of season 2)

4/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, Abeasity Jones, Surf Mom @Hi Dive Denver, CO

4/12/18 Eraserhead Fuckers, pretty in Pink, Road dawg, VC Hearts and Shamwow

4/19/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, Mirror Fears, EVP @Syntax Psychic Opera

4/19/18 Pythian Whispers, Atari, El Tigr3

@Hooked on Colfax

4/22/18 EVP and Hands of Midnight

4/26/18 Princess Dewclaw, Church Fire , and Surf Mom @Hooked on Colfax

4/26/18 Sun Possom trail, Equine @Lions Lair

5/3/18 Lepidoptera , Myththirst,Bowshock

5/4/18 Gold Trash, Curse, The Vang Basics, Midnight Legs Marathn Runner @Rose House Nampa, Idaho

5/5/18 Gold Trash @TBA Portland , OR

5/6/18 Gold Trash @Phonobar San Francisco, CA

5/7/18 Gold Trash, Violent Vickie, and Mod Pods @Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles, CA

5/8/18 Gold Trash, Violent Vickie, BXNSHY, and Function Space @Rogue Bar Scottsdale, AZ

5/9/18 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils, RAREBYRD$ @TBA Albuquerque , NM

5/10/18 Gold Trash and guests @Flux Capacitor 2 -Co Springs, Co

5/10/18 Venus Cruz and What Young Men Do, Abeasity Jones

5/11/18 Gold Trash and guests @TBA


5/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, the Corner Girls, Maybe-So's, The Red Aunts @MCA denver

5/17/18 RAREBYRD$ , Pearls and Perils and Shocker Mom @Hooked on Colfax

5/24/18 Left Handed Electronics, Grrl, Bianca Mikahn@Hooked on Colfax

5/25/18 Grave Moss @Seventh Circle

5/31/18 EVP, Mirror Fears, Claudzilla @Hooked on Colfax

6/8/18 Vahcos BDay at The Warrens with Rare Byrd$,Chromadrift,Moon Pussy,Grave Moss, Abeasity Jones, Vahco, Acidbat, Surf Mom

6/15/18 Rare Byrd$, Bianca Mikahn @Titwrench Stockholm Sweden

6/22/18 Pearls and Perils &Guests @Lions Lair Denver, Co

6/27/18 Gold Trash,Techno Allah, Wolfa Haolin, $addy, Call Your Mom @Seventh Circle Co Denver, Co

6/29/18 Grave Moss, Moon Pussy, Dream Hearse, Clutch Plague, Equine @lions Lair Denver, Co

8/18/18 The Im Literally Calling This August 18 Fest Denver, CO