E V P weaves punchy, pop melodies with hard-hitting industrial drum machines and violent waves of bass that rumble like a behemoths roar.  Multimedia artists MIJO and Caitlin Hwong came together in 2016 after years of collaboration to pursue a new goal, make better pop music. Drawing inspiration from rave music, video game soundtracks, and electroclash bands of the early 2000’s, E V P continuously falls through time, past, present, and future. Their first EP LoveBites showcases the duo’s impressive production and songwriting as layers of grit and noise sink below dancing 8-bit arpeggios; an almost symphonic display. Hwong’s vocal style is both harsh and sweet, carrying the melodic center of each song.  The duo is currently recording their first full-length album Burn My Effigy, anticipated to drop Spring 2018. 


02/07/18 Larimer Lounge Denver, CO

02/11/18 TBA* Co Springs, CO

03/02/18 Denver Bicycle Cafe Denver, CO

03/08/18 Koko La BDAY Denver, CO

04/19/18 Syntax Psychic Opera Denver, CO

05/31/18 Hooked On Colfax Denver, CO


For US Shows contact 

C.Hwong at 


For EU Shows contact

Vahco Before Horses at glasssrecords@gmail.com 



10/28/16 Love Bites(EVP) , Hijacking Fiction, Church Van @Streets of London Denver, CO

6/15/17 Gold Trash Tour Kick Off @1010 Denver, CO w/ Church Fire, Curta, EVP, Morlox (police came Mirror Fears and Gold Trash didn’t play)

7/28/17 The ANTIUMS Festival 2017 (61 bands) 1010 , Thee Haus Ov Where, Back 99 Denver, CO

7/29/17 EVP, Hide @Backspace Denver, CO

8/26/17 EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

8/26/17 Gold Trash(band) , EVP, Juniordeer, Super Macho @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

9/5/17 EVP, Church Fire, Perturbator @Moon Room Denver, CO

9/9/17 EVP, Cocordion, CooCooBadBrains, Hairclub @Globe Hall Denver, CO

9/28/17 EVP, Kim Boekbinder, Mirror Fears @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

10/1/17 EVP, The Slants, Surf Mom @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

10/20/17 EVP, Sashcloth and Axes , Juniordeer @THOW Denver, CO

10/25/17 Glasss Records All Star Fundraiser @Alamo Drafthouse Denver, CO

12/28/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils, EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO