The Kills meets Soulsonic Force. Distorted and beautiful electro clash dark wave that makes you angry, moody and want to dance.


03/30/18 @Smutclub Co Springs, CO

04/19/18 @Syntax Psychic Opera

05/04/18 @TBA SLC

05/06/18 @Muka/Phonobar SF, CA

05/07/18 @Silverlake Lounge, LA, CA

05/08/18 @Rogue Bar Scottsdale, AZ

05/09/18 @TBA Albuquerque

05/10/18@Flux Co Springs, CO

05/11/18 @TBA Denver, CO

06/07/18 @Hooked on Colfax

6/22/18 @TBA DENVER, CO

For US and EU booking contact Amanda Gostomski at


6/15/17 Gold Trash Tour Kick Off @1010 Denver, CO w/ Church Fire, Curta, EVP, Morlox (police came Mirror Fears and Gold Trash didn’t play)

7/9/17 Gold Trash, Silence in The Snow, Tripping Dogs @The Underground Sante Fe

7/11/17 Gold Trash @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

7/14/17 Gold Trash, Joseph Waya @Kelly’s Olympian Portland, OR

7/15/17 Gold Trash, Ugly Head, Chrome Corpse @Substation Seattle, WA

7/19/17 Mirror Fears , Gold Trash, DJ Juniordeer @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

7/28/17 The ANTIUMS Festival 2017 (61 bands) 1010 , Thee Haus Ov Where, Back 99 Denver, CO

8/26/17 Gold Trash(band) , EVP, Juniordeer, Super Macho @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

 9/29/17 Bianca Mikahn, Gold Trash, Abeasity Jones, MC Big House, Nighttimschoolbus, Grasshopper @THOW Denver, CO

10/3/17 Gold Trash ,Empress, Pearls and Perils @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

10/7/17 Gold Trash , Pearls and Perils, Sheers, Dolphin Midwives @The Fixin To Portland , OR

10/8/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Crystal Basement @Old Nicks Pub Eugene, OR

10/9/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Gentle Bender @Church Bar Portland , OR

10/11/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Cafe Racer Seattle, WA

10/13/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Obscurus Everett, WA

10/18/17 Gold Trash, Nightmirror @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

10/25/17 Glasss Records All Star Fundraiser @Alamo Drafthouse Denver, CO

12/28/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils, EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

1/10/18 GOLD TRASH, SURF MOM, COWGIRL CLUE, Meeting House @ Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

1/25/18 Gold Trash @SilenceKills New York City, NY

2/07/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, EVP, Pearls and Perils @Larimer lounge Denver CO

3/8/18 KoKoLa Bday @Mercury Cafe Denver, CO

3/30/18 GOLD TRASH . Church Fire, Juniordeer, Eraserhead Fuckers, Ultraviolet, Dream Hearse

4/5/18 Bianca Mikahn, Demoncassetcult, Brother Saturn @Hooked on Colfax (1st show of season 2)

4/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, Abeasity Jones, Surf Mom @Hi Dive Denver, CO

4/19/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, Mirror Fears, EVP @Syntax Psychic Opera

5/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, the Red Aunts @MCA Denver, CO Femme Fest