Distorted and beautiful electro clash dark wave that makes you angry, moody and want to dance.

2005.On a hot day reaching temperatures of 110 in NYC, Vahco Before Horses sat on the 13th floor balcony of Gig Lizzy Studios in Hells Kitchen, thinking. Distortion.Beats.Electro.Crunch.Attitude.He went to work in the scorching heat of NY for the next few  days and came up with a demo of 6 instrumentals.Those instrumentals would be the main inspiration for tracks to come, and the right vocalist would be needed. He did not find that vocalist until 11 years later-in Denver, after seeing Amanda Gostomski perform in her no wave band Princess Dewclaw. He knew he wanted to work with her band / her immediately upon hearing her. Vahco spent the next few months producing the debut album from Princess Dewclaw, titled “Walk of Shame”. Shortly after, Vahco and Amanda began working on a side project, which would become GOLD TRASH. Over time, they released “Weird Cities”, fell deeply in love and started their label Glasss Records in Denver, currently with 17 fashionable future forward acts on its roster, and now are releasing Gold Trash’s full length “SNAKE//S”. The two are touring this summer in the US with UK plans for the end of the year 2018. Think The Kills meets Soulsonic Force meets Miss Kitten meets L7. The beats hit hard and get crowds moving, but they never distract from the banshee cool vocal stylings and attitude of Amanda Gostomski, who is lead vocalist, and beat/noise machine maker-howling and wailing screeches and echos , while Vahco Before Horses sits solemnly behind his stations with one foot slamming down on a guitar strewn on the floor, hooked up to various electronics, occasionally pounding floor toms with a vicious energy not seen since the Germs or Bad Brains. The juxtaposition of Amanda’s punk cat-like poetry against Vahco’s smooth and soaring vocals is a perfect blend of good vs. evil, and the two have an unmistakably strong connection between them on stage while they perform. Not to be missed,2018. #goldtrash


03/30/18 @Smutclub Co Springs, CO

04/19/18 @Syntax Psychic Opera

05/04/18 @TBA SLC

05/06/18 @Muka/Phonobar SF, CA

05/07/18 @Silverlake Lounge, LA, CA

05/08/18 @Rogue Bar Scottsdale, AZ

05/09/18 @TBA Albuquerque

05/10/18@Flux Co Springs, CO

05/11/18 @TBA Denver, CO

05/31/18 @Syntax Psychic opera

06/07/18 @Hooked on Colfax


06/27/18 @Seventh Circle Denver, Co

07/29/18 @UMS FEST Denver, Co

08/31/18 @Alamo Drafthouse Denver,Co

9/16/18 @2 outs fest Lost LAke Denver, Co

9/27/18 @Syntax Psychic Opera 2x4 fest Denver, CO

10/17/18 @TBA with Moon Pussy, Shiny Around The Edges, Sarah Ruth Alexander

For US and EU booking contact Amanda Gostomski at



6/15/17 Gold Trash Tour Kick Off @1010 Denver, CO w/ Church Fire, Curta, EVP, Morlox (police came Mirror Fears and Gold Trash didn’t play)

7/9/17 Gold Trash, Silence in The Snow, Tripping Dogs @The Underground Sante Fe

7/11/17 Gold Trash @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

7/14/17 Gold Trash, Joseph Waya @Kelly’s Olympian Portland, OR

7/15/17 Gold Trash, Ugly Head, Chrome Corpse @Substation Seattle, WA

7/19/17 Mirror Fears , Gold Trash, DJ Juniordeer @Hooked on Colfax Denver, CO

7/28/17 The ANTIUMS Festival 2017 (61 bands) 1010 , Thee Haus Ov Where, Back 99 Denver, CO

8/26/17 Gold Trash(band) , EVP, Juniordeer, Super Macho @Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

 9/29/17 Bianca Mikahn, Gold Trash, Abeasity Jones, MC Big House, Nighttimschoolbus, Grasshopper @THOW Denver, CO

10/3/17 Gold Trash ,Empress, Pearls and Perils @Sunspace Los Angeles, CA

10/7/17 Gold Trash , Pearls and Perils, Sheers, Dolphin Midwives @The Fixin To Portland , OR

10/8/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Crystal Basement @Old Nicks Pub Eugene, OR

10/9/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils , Gentle Bender @Church Bar Portland , OR

10/11/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Cafe Racer Seattle, WA

10/13/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils @Obscurus Everett, WA

10/18/17 Gold Trash, Nightmirror @Thee Haus Ov Where? Denver, CO

10/25/17 Glasss Records All Star Fundraiser @Alamo Drafthouse Denver, CO

12/28/17 Gold Trash, Pearls and Perils, EVP, Nighttimeschoolbus @Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

1/10/18 GOLD TRASH, SURF MOM, COWGIRL CLUE, Meeting House @ Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

1/25/18 Gold Trash @SilenceKills New York City, NY

2/07/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, EVP, Pearls and Perils @Larimer lounge Denver CO

3/8/18 KoKoLa Bday @Mercury Cafe Denver, CO

3/30/18 GOLD TRASH . Church Fire, Juniordeer, Eraserhead Fuckers, Ultraviolet, Dream Hearse

4/5/18 Bianca Mikahn, Demoncassetcult, Brother Saturn @Hooked on Colfax (1st show of season 2)

4/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, Abeasity Jones, Surf Mom @Hi Dive Denver, CO

4/19/18 Gold Trash, Church Fire, Mirror Fears, EVP @Syntax Psychic Opera

5/12/18 Princess Dewclaw, the Red Aunts @MCA Denver, CO Femme Fest